1. Past Events

2. Treasure's Report (Doug S.)

3. Future Events

4. British Marque Article for Nov. issue?

5. Phone Tree?

6. Open Discussion

Thanks for coming and helping to make your club a success and a fun organization. Your participation makes all the difference!

Boston Area MG Club Meeting Attendees:

Kurt Steele, VP
Linda Morreale-Steele, Secretary
Mike Crawford
Dean Saluti
Marjorie Kahn
Gene Balinski
Nels Anderson

Held at the Consulate

September Faneuil Hall-People Choice Awards


Sales $347 for this event

Approx $1000 over 4 shows

Columbus Day Parade- North End - Sponsored by OSIA

52 cars 32 of which where British Cars, Pizza served homemade wine, dinner at No Name Restaurant.

Raffle Thank you Dean and Marjorie

Treasurer report ???? Snooke's

Future events

Faneuil Hall 2010 June, July, Aug and Sept.

2 day show with a British Theme

Partnering with Rover America & Daimler-Lancaster club of NA

National event Fri, Sat and Sun partner with Rover America Club

Email from the the Daimler-Lancaster club puts are car show once a year they are interested in exploring options of doing show at Faeuil Hall.

(Mike Iandoli Larz Anderson)

Potential for 4 shows (2-2day shows)

Charge Registration fee $10/car- get a t-shirt and goodie bags

New Car design - Faneuil hall specific and partnering w/FH Merchants

Paul to change sign in sheet

Continue FH shows ? Bolton Show in the future

Nels planning a driving in the spring

Gene planning a drive in the fall.

Winter Doldrums Party - Looking for members location - February

Next meeting November 13 - 7PM - @ 800 West Cummings Park, Suite 2450, Woburn, MA

No meeting in December

Building Membership - Get customer list from vendors, leave literature

Phone Tree - Needs to be done to get members active- 4 branch phone call

Paul send member list, name address, phone # email car, make & model to Dean Saluti.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:25