Paul Seeberg, President
Kurt Steele, VP
Nels Anderson, Webmaster
Mike Crawford
Linda Morreale-Steele, Secretary
Rebecca Harvey - New Member


  1. Gene Belinski has offered to hold the Winter Doldrums' Party
    1. Saturday the 20th
    2. Will speak to Gene, for time and details.
  2. 2010 Season - what does membership want the club to do/be?
    1. Counsulate may attend the British Invasion after the Highland games.
    2. We need member involvement, we plan to put out a letter to the members and asking for help.
    3. Create and use Phone Tree. Paul will provide a new membership list w/Telephone #'s
  3. Bob from Britannic Motors is interested in having a "Parts Yard Sale/Swap" Any interest?
  4. Kurt has been in contact with Faneuil Hall.
    1. Proposing 4 shows June, July, August and September.
    2. 2 Shows to be "partnered" shows
      1. June- will be w/ Rover America
      2. September will be w/British themed weekend at Faneuil Hall
  5. Start Marketing events, lock in events.
  6. Simplify registration form.
  7. Calender
    1. February 12th 7PM - Next Meeting to be held at 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
    2. Confirm the Winter Doldrums' Party. For the 20th
    3. March 12 Meeting at 800 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA
    4. April 9th Meeting TBD
    5. Riley/Redline Run
    6. Britannic Yard Sale/Swap
    7. May 14th Meeting TBD
    8. May 15th , Dyno Day
    9. May or June, awaiting to hear date - Adessa Juvenile Diabetes Run
    10. June - Larz Anderson British Car Day ? date
    11. June 19 1st Faneuil Hall Car Show with a rain date of June 26th
    12. June 20 Rover America Car Show at Faneuil Hall
    13. July 9th Meeting at Kimball's & ? cookout
    14. July 17th with a rain date of the 18th. 2nd Faneuil Car Show
    15. August Larz Anderson MG / Rover ? date
    16. August 21 with a rain date August 22 3rd Faneuil Hall
    17. August 28th Linda & Kurt's 4th Annual BBQ/Poker Run
    18. LimeRock event ?
    19. September 10th Meeting TBD
    20. September 16, 17 18 and 19th British Invasion
    21. September 25th 4th Faneuil Car Show
      1. Partner event with ?
    22. October 10 Columbus Day event w/OSIA
    23. October 23/24 ? Quabbin Reseivior
    24. Tech Day?

Other events spoke about the "Boston Concourse De-Elegance Show" back up to British Theme Event

Meeting adjourned.