In lieu of our regular monthly meeting, the Club will attend a cruise night at Kimballs Farms in Westford. These notes will bring the members up to speed with what's been going on in the past month and what's upcoming for July and August.

Treasurer's Report: The Club is in very good standing after the recent events with all bills paid and a balance holding in the PayPal account. The only foreseeable expenses are the renewal of the annual club-paid member subscriptions to the British Marque.

Membership Report: One new member has joined, Shawn DeSimmon. Paul Zink will be bringing a friend in from Gloucester, Albert Viator, who will also be joining the club this month.

Past Happenings:

June 19 & 20 Faneuil Hall Shows - These were super shows and a great start to the season. Both shows were fully booked...Triumphs on Saturday and Rovers on Sunday. Regalia sales were strong both days with a lot of the old stock being sold out and the new t-shirt design being well received. We made our break-even sales point by Sunday and therefore the new t-shirts have already paid for themselves.

June 24 BAMG/JANE Meeting - We held a jointly sponsored event at the British Consulate featuring a preview of the new 2011 Jaguar XJ saloons. Jaguar USA brought up a pair of cars for everyone to see and held a multi-media presentation after dinner. Response to the event was fantastic. The British Marque was in attendance and will be covering the event in a future issue. All costs for the event were covered by the admissions fee with a small profit being made. We will share this profit on a 50/50 split with JANE.

July / August Happenings:

July 17 - 3rd Faneuil Hall British Car Day show - 12 cars registered / mostly Club members with MG's.

August 14 - MG Day at Larz Anderson Museum

August 22 - 4th Faneuil Hall British Car Day show - Day of the Mini w/NEMO

August 28 - 4th Annual BBQ, Ice Cream & Poker Run at Kurt & Linda Steele's. We have invited the NET club to join us. (will need member help if they attend)

Miscellaneous Thoughts: