Paul Seeberg, President
Kurt Steele, VP
Linda Morreale-Steele, Secretary
Dean Saluti
Marjorie Kahn
Gene and Diane Balinski
Nels Anderson
Neal Nicholaides
Kevin Flynn


  1. Treasury Report
    1. Dues are due, no treasury report
  2. Winter Doldrums Party
    1. Gene and Diane are hosting Winter Doldrum Saturday March 20, 2010
  3. Calendar
    1. Potential next meeting April 9th at Linguini's in Marlboro, MA. Dutch treat.
    2. April 17th w/raindate April 24th Riley/Redline Run / Nels to lead
    3. May 14th Meeting location suggestions TBD ? @ Larz Anderson
    4. May 15th , Dyno Day Registration on line
    5. May 22-23 Imports - Cars @ Carlisle
    6. June 6 - British by the Sea CT MG Club - Larz Anderson British Car Day - Adessa Juvenile Diabetes Run
    7. June 10 Meeting, British Consulate, invite Car talk - clik and clak
    8. June 19 1st Faneuil Hall Car Show with a rain date of June 26th (Triumph)
    9. June 20 Rover America Car Show at Faneuil Hall
    10. July 8th Meeting at Kimball's
    11. July 17th with a rain date of the 18th. 2nd Faneuil Car Show
    12. August 13th Monthly Meeting
    13. August 14 MG/Rover Day @ Larz Anderson Museum.
    14. August 21 with a rain date August 22 3rd Faneuil Hall
    15. August 28th Linda & Kurt's 4th Annual BBQ/Poker Run (Kevin to lead 1 run)
    16. September 4 LimeRock event ?
    17. September 10th Meeting British Consulate combine with the Boston Cup Show
    18. September 17 18 and 19th British Invasion
    19. September 25th 4th Faneuil Car Show (People's Choice Awards Show) raindate 9/26th
    20. September 26th 2nd Co-sponsored Faneuil Hall Show TBD (British Theme Weekend)
    21. October 1-3 Cape Cod Legend weekend
    22. October 8 Monthly Meeting
    23. October 10 Columbus Day event w/OSIA( East Boston)
    24. Possible Events - Quabbin Reservoir, Drive to the Berkshires, Boston Harbor Cruise, Brit Bits Ride
    25. Mackay - Tech Day?????
  4. Quarterly Newsletter, 1st to go out
  5. Monthly Newsletter, to come out in a couple weeks
  6. Meeting with Rebecca at Faneuil Hall
    1. New T-Shirt design
    2. Participant give-a-way t-shirt
    3. 3 shows sold out
    4. 6 pre registrations/NE Angliea Club - Sept Show
    5. Need goodies for participant bags
    6. Help Needed Work or Play
    7. Vy-Tech donating plaques.
  7. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM